Medical crimes, deception, perjury: the story of the Italian manager wrongly accused in California!

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Medical Crimes' Timeline

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Not one, but four different lawyers have refused to deliver to Carlo's family the documentation in their possession (the so-called discovery package) and it is perhaps for this reason that obtaining and checking this documentation was so important. The excuse was that Carlo's supporters would have probably released to the public this documentation impairing it's validity for the appeal, but in fact the most likely reason is that they themselves have come to realize how many, and whath level of, crimes were committed during the prosecution of Carlo Parlanti and tried desperately to avoid a direct conflict with Ventura's Judicial system and Police.

The fact is that in his determination Carlo continued to demand the documentation, even at the cost of two hunger strikes (the second of as long as 15 days). It was enough to get the photos, but the defense team continued to refuse to surrender the rest of the documentation (medical certificates, for example). It was necessary to adopt a stratagem and dismiss the last American attorney without hiring another one in order to force him to hand over the documents to the legal department of Prisoners of Silence in Italy.

The documents arrived in Italy in a horrible state (probably another attempt to muddy the waters), but Carlo's supporters and Carlo himself began to comb through; amongst them deserves mention Dr. Agnese Pozzi who later will produce the first of many experts' reports that will begin to highlight the absurdity of this trial-farce.

The Medical Crimes' Timeline in this section is the result of this painstaking analysis: the doctors involved were not one (as it was claimed during trial), but as many as eight, and many of them have committed acts that go well beyond the malpractice... they have knowingly committed ideological falsehood as you will see in the articles and experts' reports that we anticipate in this article and show in their entirety in the remainder of this section. Read on and be horrified:

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Il Tirreno Gelocal

Francesca Maltagliati
Il Tirreno

© March 31st, 2011
"False exams regarding White". Doctors reported [to the Police - TN]

Doctor Jeff Bivens wrote in an August 16th, 2002, report that Rebecca White displayed bruises around the eyes, while the pictures of her taken by the police on the day of the report, July 18th, 2002, (twenty days after the alleged violence) do not show any hematomas.

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Il Sito di PerugiaFabio Polese
Il Sito di Perugia

© March 14th, 2011

"Rape? Perverse trials. The Parlanti Case" is the title of an accusatory book... [which] accuses the Police and the District Attorney's office of utilizing falsified evidence and of concealing elements of innocence. It blames numerous doctors - not only from California - for producing false medical reports that were contradictory to the pictures taken by the police and other medical reports.

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JulieNews.itGermano Milite
Julie News

© March 6th, 2011

The medical reports, which helped the American judges find Parlanti guilty, can be defined as real medical crimes, without the possibility of being disproved. In addition, the doctors implicated in this incredible case of injustice have hidden themselves behind a mysterious but easily readable silence. In fact, how is it possible that a United States professional accused by the Italian press of falsifying and exaggerating medical reports of such importance, could not feel the need to swiftly and decisively clarify his position and his actions?

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Il Tirreno GelocalFrancesca Maltagliati
Il Tirreno

© February 10th, 2011

Just as an example, there is a 2005 letter from neurologist Neil L. Pugach of Neurological Associates of Hampton Roads in Chesapeake, Virginia, in which Rebecca McKay White is declared permanently disabled due to brain damage caused by a beating. But a few months prior, the neurologist himself performed an accurate examination on the patient, even with magnetic resonance imaging [MRI – TN], which culminated in "nothing remarkable". But the contradictions are many more and can all be found in the documents officially recorded [by the Ventura DA's office - TN].

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Dr. Agnese PozziDr. Agnese Pozzi
Consultant for the Court of Montenegro (PZ)

March 4th, 2011, tel +39 (0973) 22519, email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have an ethical duty to denounce these specific crimes, beyond the trial irregularities; from a medical and legal point of view (a defendant's rights) these facts should have been examined in the court-room by an expert appointed by the judge, and this did not happen.

Carlo Parlanti is the victim of falsities, omissions and commissions of a medical as well as judicial nature, in addition to the folly of a betrayed woman.

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Dr. Benedetta GuidiDr. Benedetta Guidi
Specialist in Forensic Medicine (PT)

tel +39 (338) 428-3994, email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On the basis of such considerations, therefore, it is possible to state the absolute chronological incompatibility between the periorbital ecchymosis (“black eye”) detected by Dr. Bivens and the alleged trauma inflicted by Carlo Parlanti.

Such injuries, ascertained during the examination, necessarily must have an origin subsequent to the reported blows of June 29th, 2002.

In addition, no injuries were reported at the time of the police report on July 18th, 2002, as proved by the photographs taken at such time by the police detectives, nor at the time of the first medical examination performed by Dr. Manchester on July 22nd, 2002, whose report is silent in regards to such injuries.


In this open letter Dr. N. Pugach refers to a permanent and progressive cognitive deterioration, without possibility of improvement, of such seriousness as to impede any work–related activity. Such deficit is connected, by the doctor, to the domestic violence suffered by the patient, even though during previous visits the same [doctor - TN] had certified the absence of neurological alterations, not only on the basis of the clinical examination (“she is alert and fully oriented with intact attention and concentration language, and recent and remote recall”), but above all because of the neuro-imaging exams (cranial-encephalic MRI with and without contrast dye) performed, which resulted devoid of any notable pathologies. The same [doctor - TN] had simply diagnosed a chronic migraine with contemporary dysthyroidism (pathologies not connectable to the alleged violence). Moreover, we highlight that the doctor never prescribed any specific medication for the cognitive defects, but only for the migraine.

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Timeline dei Crimini Medici