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Pubblica X Me - Senior Consultant

Montecatini, Italy, from February 2012 to Now

Carlo Parlanti - Pubblica X Me - Senior Consultant

Pubblica X Me [Publish 4 Me - TN] is a lean organization made of committed technical experts with more than twenty years of experience.

As Senior Consultant for Pubblica X Me I am in charge of CMSs implementation (Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal) and customizations. Most of the templates, plugins and modules used by the company are my own design.

The PXM policy of Full Cycle Control, which involves hosting customers sites with separate production, test and development environments requires the full use of my expertise in the Linux/GNU world. I started my learning experience in the Unix environment as early as 1994 with IBM classes on their own Unix flavor: AIX.

I am now fully proficient with most of the production quality distributions of Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, etc.) as well as the entire LAMP environment. 

Pubblica X Me works in all aspects of electronic publishing as well as on demand traditional paper publishing but keeps a focus on the design and development of web sites and applications. Here are few examples from our portfolio.

Pubblica X Me Portfolio Preview 

Prisoners of Silence

Prisoners of Silence

Prisoners of SilenceSilence is a barrier that separates more than barbed wire and hurts more than torture

The NPO "Prisoners of Silence" deals specifically with the protection of human rights of the Italians held abroad, the number of which is about 3000 citizens.

Among the main objectives of the Association are:

  • Pursue goals of social interest promoting activities that are in the nature of group solidarity and for the consolidation of peaceful coexistence, and to defend the civil rights of Italian citizens detained in prisons in foreign countries and their families residing in Italy.
  • Create a movement of public opinion in favor of Italian detainees abroad. Promote and implement initiatives, economic and social, in support of the families of detainees to deal with legal fees and court in the pursuit of the NPO goals.
  • Support morally and assist financially the families in the reintegration of the social life of the prisoners at the end of their sentence.


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International Association Victims of Judicial Errors

Associazione Internazionale Vittime degli Errori GiudiziariBenedetto XVI summarized very briefly what is the principle of the International Association of Victims of Judicial Errors:


The Christian Attorney must seek justice through the Truth


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Beyond the News

Beyond the News

Beyond the NewsPiero Laporta's blog is the perfect demonstration that sometime information can really go beyondthenews...


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Pubblica X Me - Consulente Senior