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Medical Crimes' Timeline

Medical Crimes' Timeline

The Parlanti Case

Is it possible, nowadays, to sign fraudulent medical reports, to be caught red-handed and still get away with it?

Doctors Troy Manchester, Jeff Bivens, Benjamin Fore and Neil L. Pugach demonstrate, with this "Medical Crimes' Timeline", how simple it may be to convince judicial and law enforcement authorities to close both eyes on chronological impossibilities, false reports and other miscellaneous fraudulent certifications.


Troy Manchester - Jeff Bivens - Benjamin Fore - Neil L. Pugach,
"Medical Crimes' Timeline. The Parlanti Case"
(Prisoners of Silence, © 2011)



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Il Tirreno GelocalFrancesca Maltagliati
Il Tirreno

© March 31st, 2011 http://iltirreno.gelocal.it
"False exams regarding White". Doctors reported [to the Police - TN]

Doctor Jeff Bivens wrote in an August 16th, 2002, report that Rebecca White displayed bruises around the eyes, while the pictures of her taken by the police on the day of the report, July 18th, 2002, (twenty days after the alleged violence) do not show any hematomas.

Il Sito di PerugiaFabio Polese
Il Sito di Perugia

© March 14th, 2011 http://www.ilsitodiperugia.it

"Rape? Perverse trials. The Parlanti Case" is the title of an accusatory book... [which] accuses the Police and the District Attorney's office of utilizing falsified evidence and of concealing elements of innocence. It blames numerous doctors - not only from California - for producing false medical reports that were contradictory to the pictures taken by the police and other medical reports.

JulieNews.itGermano Milite
Julie News

© March 6th, 2011 http://www.julienews.it

The medical reports, which helped the American judges find Parlanti guilty, can be defined as real medical crimes, without the possibility of being disproved. In addition, the doctors implicated in this incredible case of injustice have hidden themselves behind a mysterious but easily readable silence. In fact, how is it possible that a United States professional accused by the Italian press of falsifying and exaggerating medical reports of such importance, could not feel the need to swiftly and decisively clarify his position and his actions?

Il Tirreno GelocalFrancesca Maltagliati
Il Tirreno

© February 10th, 2011 http://iltirreno.gelocal.it

Just as an example, there is a 2005 letter from neurologist Neil L. Pugach of Neurological Associates of Hampton Roads in Chesapeake, Virginia, in which Rebecca McKay White is declared permanently disabled due to brain damage caused by a beating. But a few months prior, the neurologist himself performed an accurate examination on the patient, even with magnetic resonance imaging [MRI – TN], which culminated in "nothing remarkable". But the contradictions are many more and can all be found in the documents officially recorded [by the Ventura DA's office - TN].

Timeline dei Crimini medici

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